Shah of Iran and the Ruler of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, 1747-1781 A.D.
The first book published on the history and introduction of Azad Khan Afghan. This book is in
Dari and Pashtu languages of Afghanistan. The book contains 279 pages with photographs,
maps, and photocopies of historical documents. This book is available at Resalat Bookstore in
Char Rahi Ansari, Kabul, Afghanistan or by contacting us.
آزاد خان افغان   Azad Khan Afghan     
Author: M Najim. Azadzoi, AIA

Publisher: Maiwand Press,
Kabul, Afghanistan

Date published: May, 20'11
Najim Azadzoi is a former
Professor of Kabul University.
He was born, raised, and
educated in Afghanistan and
currently resided in
Massachusetts, USA
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Recent Book in Pashtu.
His Majesty Azad Shah Afghan
اعلیحضرت آزاد خان افغان
This is the second book is in Pashtu language of Afghanistan. This book contains 247 pages.
The book references a number of documents from various sources about the decrees and
Farmans issued by His Majesty Azad Khan Afghan during his rule as a king in Iran.
Azad Khan Afghan Foundation
بنیاد آزاد خان افغان
Author: Muhammad Tahir Kanai

Publisher: Danish Press

Date published: October 2011
Muhammad Tahir Kanai is a
freelance writer, and a
journalist. He is currently living
in Moscow, Russia
Earlier Publication in Pashtu.
د میرنی او میرانو خبری
آزاد خان افغان او  د هغه مشری آذربایجان
Azad Khan Afghan and his rule in Azerbaijan.
The first full article about Azad Khan Afghan was published in 1996. The article was written by
late Qudratullah Hadad. In this publication, Azad Khan Afghan was introduced as the ruler of
Azerbaijan and who became the Shah of Iran in Isfahan.
Author: Qudratullah Haddad

Date Published: 1379 H, SH
Qudratullah Haddad is a
well-known writer and a
historian and has written
extensively about the history and
historical Afghan figures. He
passed away a few years ago in
the United States.
Karim Khan Zand, A History of Iran 1747 to 1779 A.D.
The is book is about Iran and the history of Iran from 1747 to 1779 A.D. It is about the rise of
Karim Khan Zand who was the main rival and a contender for supremacy for power after Nadir
Afshar. Azad Khan Afghan has been mentioned in this book and one full  chapter of the book is
dedicated to introduce Azad Khan Afghan.
Author: John C. Perry

Publisher: The University of
Chicago Press, Chicago and

Date Published: 1979
John C. Perry is a Professor of
History at the University of
Chicago and has written several
books about the history of Iran
and the region.
رستم التواریخ از محمد ههشم آصف رستم الحکما     Rustam-ul-Tawarikh
This is the first uncensored publication about the social life during the era of Sultan Husain
Safavi and other Iranian rulers including Azad Khan Afghan until the end of Fate Ali Khan Ajar.
The book extensively mentions Azad Khan Afghan's a ruler of Iran Iran, Azarbayijan and
describes Azad Khan's rule as a King in the capital of Safavid Empire, Isfahan.
Author: Mohd. Hashim Asif

Publisher: PARS Book, Inc. Los
Angeles, California

Date Published: July, 2009
The author, M Hashim Asif, lived
during the era of Zand in Iran. It
is a unique inscript about the
history of Iran that has never
been said before.
Najim Azadzoi
سردار آزاد خان افغان د ژبي او هنر خاوند وو. په میرنتوب کي پهلوان وو او ادبیاتو کي یي لاس درلود
... آزاد خان سره اته زره سلیمانخیل وو چي د ده تر قیادت لاندی په پورهمیرانه وجنګيدل
قدرت اله حداد....
"Azad Khan Afghan enjoyed a character polished to perfection by valor and
embellished by exceeding chivalry, so that when he had bested the Zand
generals and held at his disposal their baggage and women-folk, he respected
strictly the canons of honor and probity and displayed an uncompromising and
laudable zeal in regard to the fair treatment of his fair captives".
آزادخان افغان چي وروسته د تاریخ ناصري په اسناد آزاد شاه شو، د افغاني تاریخ یوه روښانه څیره ده، چي
د احمد شاه بابا په زمانه کي تیر شوی دی. ده په آزربایجان، ارمنستان او پارس کي تاریخی او سیاسي کار
نامي پریښي چي بیا وروسته پاچایي ته هم رسیدلی دی او همدا دلیل دی چي آزاد خان وروسته آزاد شاه
نومول شوی او لیکل شوی دی م، طاهر کانی
آزاد خان یکی از نامدارترین سرآن تاریخی افغان در دوره ای پس از مرګ نادر افشار میباشد که نه تنها در
خراسان آنروز و یا سر زمین دلیر مردان افغانی از مردان مطرح سیاست آنروز بوده است بلکه در کشور
های ایران، فارس، آزربایجان، ارمنستان، کردستان، ګرجستان، و عراق افتخارات از خود بجا ګزاشته است.
م. ن. آزادزوی
بسیار عالیجاه آزلد خان افغان سلطانی بود با عدل و انصاف در احکام بسیار دقیق و غوررس و مو شکاف
مروت روف و عطوف و خوش سیرت و خوب صورت و فراخ حوصله و با شجاعت و با سخاوت و با حیا و
بوده و و با وفا بوده و در ریاست صاحب حسن سیاست بوده و اخلاق حسنه و آداب مستحسنه در وی جمع و
در حلم و وقار و حسن قریحه و خوبی اطوار بی نظیر بوده. رستم الحکمابا
Founder: M Najim Azadzoi