Azad Khan Afghan Foundation
بنیاد آزاد خان افغان
Mirwais Khan Hotaki,
the Founder of the
Hotak Dynasty that
ruled Iran (Persia)
1709-1939 A.D.
Shah Mahmud
Hotaki (Ghalzai)
ruled Iran as a king
1722-1725 A.D.
Shah Ashraf Hotaki
(Ghilzai) became the Shah
of Iran
1725-1735 A.D.
Shah Hussain Hotaki, the
last ruler of Hotak Dynasty
in Iran
Azad Khan Afghan contemporaries.
Afghanistan in late 17th and early 18th Century A.D.
Nader Afshar ended
the Afghan Hotak rule
in Iran and ruled as
the Shah of Iran
Azad Khan Afghan
became the Shah of
Iran after Nader
1735-781 A.D.
Ahmad Shah Abdali
(Durani) established
the Afghan Durani
1747-1772 A.D.
Karim Khan Zand,
Azad Khan's main
rival and contender
ruled Iran as a Vakil
1747-1779 A.D.
Mir Wais Khan Hotak, also
known as Mir Vais Ghilzai, was
an influential tribal chief of the
Ghilzai Pashtuns from
Kandahar, Afghanistan, who
founded the Hotaki dynasty that
ruled a wide area in Persia and
Afghanistan from 1709 to 1738.

Born: 1673, Herat, Afghanistan
Died: November 1715,
Kandahar, Afghanistan
Mirwais Khan Hotaki
Shah Mahmud Hotaki
Mirwais Khan conquered the
Pesians (Iran) Safavid capital,
Isfahan in 1722 A.D.

Born: 1697, Kandahar
Died: April 22 1725, Isfahan, Iran
Shah Ashraf Hotaki
Ashraf Khan was the cousin of
Shah Mahmud and became the
Shah of Iran after the death of
Mahmud from 1725 to 1729 A.D.

Born: Kandahar, Afghanistan
Died: 1730, on his way to
Shah Hussain Hotaki
Shah Hussain Hotaki was the
son of Mirwain Khan Hotaki who
ruled as a Shah in Kandahar
from 1725 to 1738.

Born: Kandahar, Afghanistan
Died: Poisoned in Mazendran,
Nader Afshar
Nader or Nader Quli was a
Turkuman soldier in the army of
Shah Ashraf Hotaki. He quickly
moved to the position of a
general and took side with
deposed Shah Tahmasp. He
defeated Shah Ashraf Hotaki
and invaded Kandahar and
Kabul and conquered India.

Born: Dastgerd, Khurasan

Died: Killed by Iranian in 1747
Azad Khan Afghan
After the murder of Nader
Afshar, there was chaos in Iran.
Several local chiefs competed
for power. Azad Khan, a pashtun
military general in Azerbayijan
was able to defeat all his rivals
and took over Isfahan, the
capital of Nader Afshar and the
Safavids and became the Shah
of Iran in 1750 to 1754

Born: 1705, Andar Ghazni

Died: 1781 in Shiraz, Iran.
Karim Khan Zand
Mohammad Karim was an
unknown soldier in the army of
Nader Afshar. He was from the
village of Lur in Iran and belong
to the tribe of Zand, also  know
very known among the Iranians.
He moved to upper level
position in the army of Nader
Afshar. After the death of Nader
Afshar, Karim is one of the main
rival of Azad Khan and
contender for power in Iran. He
was defeated twice by Azad
Khan but in the battle of
Kamarej seeks help from the
tribes around Shiraz and the
tribes of Lur and defeats Azad

Born: 1705

Died: 1779, Shiraz
Gurgin Khan (Shah
Nawaz Khan or
George XI) - Ruler of
Kandahar killed by
Mirwais Khan Hotak
1709 A.D.
Shah Hussain Safavi
1664-1722 A.D. the
last Shah of Iran
defeated by Shah
Mahmud Hotaki in
1722 A.D.
Aurangzeb, the last
Emperor of Moghul
(Babur) India ruled
Kabul and Ghazni.
Died 1707 A.D.
Khushal Khan Khatak
1613-1689 a Pashtun
warrior, poet, and
scholar fought both the
Moghul and the
Safavids for
The Hotak (Ghalzai) Dynasty ruled over Iran from 1709 to 1939 A.D.
The rise of Azad Khan Afghan and Ahmad Shah Durani 1747 A.D.
Ahmad Shah Durani
Ahmad Shah Durani also
known as Ahmad Khan Abdali
was the second military general
in the court of Nader Afshar.
After Nader's death, Ahmad
Khan returns to Kandahar with
his 4,000 army and established
the Afghan Durani Empire.

Born: 1722, Kandahar

Died: 1779, Kandahar
Najim Azadzoi
Founder: M Najim Azadzoi